Sound samples for compression testing

Short (15 second) clips from the larger samples:

PI240_15s (1.5MB zip file)

LI192_15s (2.7MB zip file)

EH120_15s (1.4MB zip file)

NO96_15s (1.3 MB zip file)

GI60_15s (800 kB zip file)

GR48_15s (1.0 MB zip file)

GI16_15s (260 kB zip file)

All_15s_cuts (9MB).

The full samples used in the paper (ZIP files):

PI240 (31MB)   LI192 (56MB)   EH120 (27MB)   NO96 (21MB)   GI60 (16MB)   GR48 (14MB)   GI16 (5MB)